Meet Mazie

Meet Mazie, an inspiring 18-year-old with a heart as bright as her smile. Despite facing some unique challenges due to her Down syndrome, Mazie’s determination, and zest for life shine through in everything she does.

Navigating through obstacles, Mazie has embraced every opportunity to learn and grow. With unwavering support and guidance from her community and Goodwill South Florida, she’s not only overcome hurdles but has flourished. Through dedicated mentorship and specialized training, Mazie has honed valuable job skills that not only showcase her abilities but also empower her to thrive in various environments.

With her infectious enthusiasm and a positive attitude, Mazie is well on her way to reaching her full potential. She radiates warmth and kindness, touching the hearts of everyone she meets. As she continues on her journey, Mazie’s resilience and determination serve as an inspiration to us all. With each step forward, she proves that with love, support, and the right opportunities, there are no limits to what she can achieve. Here’s to Mazie, a shining example of strength, resilience, and limitless potential!”