Barbara and Ron Jones

Barbara and Ron embody the true spirit of philanthropy – their hearts brimming with generosity, their vision set on making the world a better place for all. Their journey with Goodwill began with a simple invitation, a tour that ignited a spark of inspiration and hope within them.

From the moment they set foot in Goodwill’s facilities, Barbara and Ron were captivated by the organization’s multifaceted approach to creating opportunities for those facing barriers, particularly people with disabilities. They were astounded by the breadth of Goodwill’s impact – from thrift stores to sewing military uniforms, from e-commerce ventures to job training programs – each initiative pulsating with an energy that exuded hope and possibility.

What resonated deeply with Barbara and Ron was Goodwill’s commitment to not only providing job training but also ensuring meaningful job placement, thus empowering individuals to build sustainable futures. They recognized the profound significance of this support, especially for families navigating the transition as their children with disabilities journey into adulthood.
For Barbara and Ron, supporting Goodwill was not merely an act of charity; it was an investment in the future, a belief in the inherent potential of every individual to learn, grow, and contribute to society. They were drawn to Goodwill’s philosophy of teaching people how to fish, equipping them with the skills and opportunities to thrive independently, rather than simply providing temporary aid.

Joining the Goodwill Giving Circle was a natural extension of Barbara and Ron’s commitment to making a lasting impact. They found solace and joy in knowing that their gift was not only facilitating immediate change but also sowing the seeds of transformation for generations to come.

In Barbara and Ron, Goodwill found steadfast allies, champions of hope, and believers in the power of community-driven change. Their legacy of generosity will continue to reverberate through the lives touched by Goodwill, embodying the essence of compassion, empowerment, and resilience.