About Us

Goodwill is more than benevolence. Goodwill is justice and humanity in action.

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GOODWILL’S MISSION is training, employment and job placement for people with disabilities and other barriers to work — creating hope, opportunities and a place to belong.

Goodwill provides opportunities for people with physical and intellectual challenges and other barriers to work, such as homelessness, legal status or workforce re-entry.

We help people who are thought to be “unemployable” increase productivity and move towards greater independence through job training, employment and placement.

A lot about you.

Goodwill is about community.

With the support our mission receives from people like you, Goodwill South Florida is the most influential organization in helping people with disabilities and other barriers get more out of life.

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Here’s How You Make it Work

Goodwill’s nonprofit enterprises fund our human services mission while also employing a significant number of people needing work. We fulfill our mission by receiving donated goods, selling them in our stores, and running multiple nonprofit businesses which fuel the organization and employ many people with disabilities and other barriers.

Jobs for Everyone

Goodwill programs serve over 6,800 people each year, most of whom have a disability or other difficult barrier to employment. Through evaluation and training, we place our trainees in positions throughout the community.

Where You Become “Us”

The more support we have, the more people we help. We work hard to train and employ our community’s people with disabilities and other barriers to work but we can’t do it without you.

Together we build Goodwill.

We invite you to join us!
Goodwill’s work is only made possible by the generous support of community donors and partners like you.